I did it.


I did it.  Instead of blogging about things I’m unhappy with, I’m making changes.  There’s this thing called “initiative” that I want to take more of in 2014.  I want to be greedy with it.

The Best of Taurus twitter says that in addition to being exceptionally stubborn, Taureans are independent and love their alone time.  I wholeheartedly succumb to this stereotype. After 8 months and seven posts about living with virtually no solitude I have 1000 sq. ft. of my own space.  While being a 24-year-old college graduate living with her mother inspired some top notch writing material, I’ve moved out.  Which was harder than expected given I drive a Honda Civic AKA Worlds Smallest Trunk on Wheels.

boxes bed

 As of today that bed is literally the only furniture I have.  I’ve been enjoying the comfort of my yoga mat turned couch/dining table/desk surrounded by decorative candlesticks.  I’ve always been the type to lounge in my room versus the living room, but now that the only place I have to relax is my bed  I’ve never wanted to put my feet up on a coffee table more (obviously). It’s terrifying and definitely overwhelming.   I don’t have Internet or a can opener yet, but I’m alone.  And I’m happy about it.


…..does anyone in Southern New Mexico have some furniture they don’t want?


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