5 Things Yoga Has Taught Me (Part 1)

1.  I ALWAYS miss a spot shaving.  When was the last time that two inch forest above the inside of my left ankle was visited by a landscape artist?  I wonder how many times I’ll notice that spot before I remember to shave it.

2.  I need to sweep and mop more often.  Seriously, I live alone.  How did my floor get so dirty?  I understand that I live in the desert, but this is unreasonable. I totally mopped like last month.

3.  People love Instagram pictures of yoga poses.  It doesn’t even have to be an impressive pose, people are suckers for spandex yoga related snaps.  I’ve posted at least three Instagrams of myself in tree pose in vaguely different sceneries and they always get 20+ likes.  I’m curious to see what’ll happen when I achieve scorpion.


“How you like me now, Instagram?”

4.  You can’t always touch your toes.  Your body doesn’t care that you could do it yesterday, so you shouldn’t either.

5.  Staring at your fat rolls is really distracting.  And it’s hard not to fixate on them.  My main purpose of doing yoga isn’t to become more physically fit, it’s to find a spiritual closeness to myself.  It’s only natural that things will look weird when you’re bent in half trying to grab your opposite ankle while breathing deeply.  Those rolls don’t make you obese, they make you human.


Image from yogaposeweekly.com

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