My Adventures in Veganism: Week 1

Overall I’m enjoying this lifestyle change.  There have been fewer moments of desperation concerning cheese and cream sauces, and I think that eating this way will soon become a habit rather than a concentrated effort.  There has been a bit of a struggle to find the balance between “BUT YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE EAT THE PIZZA” and “but eating that pizza will make you feel awful, the $11 gluten and dairy free frozen pizza will eventually satisfy you!”.  These feelings will go away once I become more creative in the kitchen.  Eating vegan doesn’t mean eating bland.  It’s just a different approach.  An approach that so far has involved putting salsa on EVERYTHING.


The Good:

1.  I usually bloat very easily but since starting this diet I’ve had virtually no bloating.  I accidentally had dairy one afternoon and felt the wrath of Thor later on in the day, but beyond that I’ve never felt better.


2.  I found fake cheese that melts easily.  It tastes just like the beloved american cheese slices of my youth.  I’d ultimately like to steer clear of processed “fake” products like this, but it’s shark week and grilled cheeses are making this transition more bearable.   There’s also a bottle of vegan ranch in my fridge…

3.  I feel like I’m slimming down.  I’m not adopting this lifestyle in order to lose weight, but I’m not going to lie and say that I’m not excited to see more definition in my stomach.

The Bad:

1.  I’ve been resorting to snacking unhealthily when I’m out and about and dying of hunger.  It’s frustrating to stand around in a gas station reading labels when you didn’t plan accordingly and your level of hunger resembles that of a 16 year old boy after a workout.  It is in that moment that you will discover that everything contains dairy….apart from chips.

2.  My alcohol tolerance has been obliterated.  I want to list this as a good thing, but it’s been a lesson learned by experience.  According to a random forum I found on google, a diet low in fat and high in simple carbs can make the stomach ill-equipped to digest liquor (don’t quote me on that).  For whatever the reason, I just can’t handle my booze anymore.  Which is fine by me, now that my body has clearly gotten the message across.  I’m much more distraught over the thought of a life without cheese than I am about the thought of a life without vodka.

3.  It’s more expensive.  Especially once you start buying speciality vegan items at the local co-op.  I needed those vegan chocolate chip cookies though.  I really did.


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